Customizable Toxicology Panels

Meridian Diagnostics utilizes LC-MS/MS for analytical quantification. This technology filters analytes of interest from interfering substances which prevents false negatives and false positives. As a significant improvement over the existing MS methodology, LC-MS/MS provides rapid, unequivocal and quantitated tests of targeted drugs at trace levels in a complex matrix.

Every test sample undergoes three levels of review, this means you can trust Meridian Diagnostic’s results when making pain management decisions for your patients.

Meridian Toxicology Panel

Toxicology test panels offer a wide range of analytes customized for addiction & treatment, pain management, psychiatry, and primary care. The laboratory’s state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS methodologies allow for drug detection at low levels in both urine and oral fluid.

6-MAM Gabapentin Nordiazepam
7-aminoclonazepam Hydrocodone Norfentanyl
Alprazolam Hydromorphone Norhydrocodone
Amphetamine Imipramine Noroxycodone
Benzoylecgonine Ketamine Nortriptyline
Butalbital Lorazepam O-Desmethyltramadol
Buprenorphine MDEA Oxazepam
Bupropion MDMA Oxycodone
Carisoprodol Meprobamate Oxymorphone
Clonazepam Methadone PCP
Codeine Methamphetamine Phenobarbital
Cotinine Methylphenidate Pregabalin
Cyclobenzaprine Mitragynine Quetiapine
Desipramine Morphine Tapentadol
Doxepin Naloxone Temazepam
EDDP Naltrexone Tramadol
Fentanyl Nor-THCA Zolpidem
Fluoxetine Norbuprenorphine

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